A unique combination of Crystals and Raw ingredients to create a highly energised and potent formula. The power of these ingredients get enhanced with the crystals inside.  We are not giving  you a drop but an ocean of love in each handmade product energised and made in small batches.  We also ensure our products are Zero Waste, Ocean friendly from the packaging to what's inside. No plastic, SLS or parabens or palm oil.

Free from Palm oil

We refuse to use palm oil in our soaps as it destroys the homes of Orangutan's. We only use high grade oils and butters that are safe for our furry friends. Does your cold process soap have palm oil?

Handmade soaps

Handmade soaps

Luxurious melt-on-the-skin artisan soaps made from unrefined butters and high-quality oils, made in the... 

Wax Tablets

Wax Tablets

100% Soy wax crystal fragrance tablets to freshen up a wardrobe or... 

Body Butter

Seasonal Handmade body butters

  • Dusting Powders

    What makes our body powders so special? each one has Bhimseni camphor crystals crushed into it, along with pounded flowers and herbs.

  • Jamaican Black Castor oil

    The miracle hair oil that is a favourite for Curly girls and those with very fine hair. This is hair food to strengthen the hair from the root

  • Moss agate sphere

    Only a few left of these Moss agate druzy spheres for business growth and attracting abundance. Limited edition

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