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Goa Intensive May 16th - May 22nd 2023
Location TBA

16th May 2023

Morning schedule:

Chakra Mandala 
1450 per person
Facilitator: Nivedita Indrajit

Chakra Mandala's are a esoteric exploration of your inner world through colours, breath and chakras. While being a fun activity it can broom away intensities, stress and bring you into relaxation

Labyrinth walks
1100 per person 
Facilitator: Nivedita Indrajit

Get together at the beach - let the sea nourish your soul as grains of sand contribute to reflexology; salt in the sea water revive and balance your body

Facilitator Nivedita Indrajit 

Morning Bundle pricing 2,200



16th May 2023

Evening schedule:

Red Circles
2 hrs
1500 per person
Facilitator: Nivedita Indrajit

Masterclass to won your true power and the magic you be, the space you be in the world that sustains into something beautiful because of you - come explore  


Tarot & Games
1400 per reading
850 per adult
550 per child

Facilitator: Nivedita Indrajit & Bina Parmar

Tarot guidance done as a group can contribute while doing incantations and readings, rituals and guidance.

Better me game increases self awareness and can be played in combination of adults and kids to improve self expression and communication. 

Evening bundle

Rs. 3100 per person
Rs. 1100 per child 



17th May 2023

Morning schedule:

Detox, let go, revitalise, reconnect
30 mins 
2250 per person
Facilitator: Nivedita Indrajit


Root chakra massage
Opens root chakra, money flow activation, activation of connection
Class fee 1500 per adult
15 min session / swap
Root chakra class 2 hours
Facilitator: Nivedita Indrajit

Discount code will be given for Ocean in a drop crystals upon registration. 

Morning bundle

3100 per person



17th May 2023

Evening schedule:


Access bars and body processes

Access bars taster sessions
2250 per person

Access body processes tasters
1500 per person

Intro into access bars & swaps
1500 per person 

Facilitator: Nivedita Indrajit

Evening bundle 3300 per person


18th May 2023

Morning schedule:

Tabletop Constellation 
Intro class - 2 hrs
3500 per person
Participant sessions - 2hrs
1500 per person
Facilitator: Nivedita Indrajit

Introduction to structural and family constellations and tabletop version to work through 2 types of tabletops - problem and desired outcome tabletop constellation, Earth constellation for 7 aspects concerning your life. The sessions disrupt the patterns that no longer work for you and move towards desired outcome and earth we look at money, family, personal space, career,  home, health and spirituality.

Morning bundle
Rs. 5,000 


18th May 2023

Evening schedule:

Frequency - Money Tabletop constellation
Intro class
3 hrs
4,500 per person

1hr diagnosis
2,500 per person

Private session
18,500 (minus evening bundle as discount)

Facilitator: Nivedita Indrajit

Into to frequency, DNA patterns, tabletop diagnostics of current financial reality, unearthing the challenges, blocks, inner landscapes, external factors that stop you from having abundance that is available and what next?

Evening bundle

Rs. 5000


19th May 2023


Learn about the Power Crystals
One to one consultation on what is best for you
Crystal shop will be open
Venue TBA

The secrets of the top power crystals that healers have in their collection. Benefits and how to use them, including chakra qualities. 

1,500 per person


21st May 2023

Full day 


Ancestral Wisdom For modern wealth
1 day workshop

Facilitator: Nivedita Indrajit

Ancestral deep work
Karmic patterns resolutions
Tabletop constellation group
Body work for wealth
Modern wealth Mandala for 48 days as a follow up 

Early bird offer booking before 30th April
Rs.18,500 per person
Private session for tabletop constellation money
12,500 per person (if paid along with workshop)

Full day including lunch





Past events 

15th Feb 2019

Family Constellation, , The Blu Oyster, Indiranagar, Bangalore



May 11th, 2019

Steppinout Night market, 

Steppinout Night Market


September 22nd, 2018

BBQ Camp Meditation Geode

 Enerjuvate, Koramangala

Ocean in Drop Farmers Market

 April 28th, 2018

Full moon meditation camp bbq bonfire

 March 31st, 2018

Full moon meditation camp, geode, bbq, bonfire, retreat

 March 2nd, 2018

Full moon meditation, camp, retreat, bbq, stars, crystals

 Feb 24th/25th 2018

Camping retreat, Reiki, crystals, chakras, yoga nidra, unplug, pets


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