Bina Parmar

A qualified Graphic designer from London, born in Toronto and now residing in Goa. Crystals has been a part of my journey since 2015, with my own first hand experience with these magnificent stones it has now has transformed into Ocean in a drop. Crystals has been a part of my alternative therapy studies so I can recommend the correct crystal for a client while helping them with their life issues.

Proficient in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy, Tasso (Transpersonal regression healing) from Netherlands, Usui Holy fire Reiki master, Tarot and Oracle cards, Chakra readings, Crystal therapy, Tao Healing hands healer, Numerology, and a Diploma in Organic Skincare from UK 



India today, Bangalore
Featured in top ten soapers in Bangalore in 2018











Healing Consultant,
Dipesh Parmar

Business mind to subconscious mind

After qualifying in Economics and social psychology, Dipesh's career began unexpectedly with a stint in business management followed by operations management for a start-up. In 2010, relocated to Bangalore where he contributed to sales and marketing for a few luxury property projects. By 2015, he had a growing desire to learn more about life itself. There was always a part of him which was fascinated with the spiritual world, astrology, past lives and the metaphysical realm.

He left the corporate world and soon gained certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Teaching Hypnotherapy level 1, Holy Fire Reiki, Redikall Healing, Silva Ultramind, and Sujok. In addition, the insatiable thirst for wisdom led him to research extensively into chakras, crystals, vastu, astrology, numerology, dimensions, Shamanism, epigenetics, transactional analysis and much more to achieve a deeper understanding of the mind.

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