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Root chakra Actvation box

Root chakra Actvation box

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Activate the Root chakra with this curated chakra box.
Who needs this? anyone who feels they need more stability, struggling with physical health, money issues, those who use their mind more than their body, spending long hours on the computer, feeling dizzy or scattered, picking up energies easily and getting affected by situations around them. Gift them this box and work with the affirmation for 21 days while bathing and using the soap.

Root chakra kit includes:
Root chakra soap (Garnet)
Root chakra bracelet (red jasper)
Dark moon salts in a wooden jar + wooden spoon
Affirmation card

Care Instructions

crystal cards and care instructions included.

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Root Chakra

Fears and anxiety is a sign of a weak root chakra. Strengthen the foundation for improvement in health and fearlessness. A strong root chakra connects to Mother Earth making you unshakable and getting affected by situations in your environment

Colour: Red, Black