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Ocean in a Drop

Amethyst dream Loofah soap

Amethyst dream Loofah soap

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Lavender, Chamomile, and Ylang Ylang Amethyst dream soap with a loofah embedded inside for an extra scrubby bath

Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients:

Vetiver loofah has naturally cooling properties while exfoliating the skin. Also rejuvenates the skin, helps with body acne and pimples and soothes prickly heat rashes

Scent profile

Lavender, Chamomile, Ylang Ylang


Glycerine soap base, Vetiver, fragrances


Packed in an eco-friendly bio-degradable wrap

Care Instructions

You will receive a crystal card with the crystal description, care and how to energise with an affirmation that resonates with the energy of the crystal. 

Keep dry by placing it on a soap tray while using it to make it last longer.

Keep out of direct sunlight and use within 4 months of purchasing to avoid fragrance loss.

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Crystal Power

Amethyst is known to calm busy minds and promotes sound sleep. It is also known to protect the energy body from negative thoughts of others by transforming them into love energy.  Resonates at the third eye chakra. Once you finish the soap you can keep the tumble under your pillow or on your third eye as you lay down.