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Ocean in a Drop

Passion Crystal candle

Passion Crystal candle

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Enhance your passion with this sweet and spicy combination of Vanilla + clove. Bloodstone, tigers eye, ruby and garnet will help yo to ignite your desires.  

Bloodstone - a healing stone that helps to give vitality 

Garnet - reduces stress and increases passion

Ruby - a lovers stone that activates the higher heart chakra

Tigers eye - gives courage to manifest your desires

Meditation included to invoke passion into your life


100g Vegetable wax (made with vegetable scraps, no paraffin or soy), decorated with real flowers


Sweet + spicy - vanilla and clove


100g 10hrs burning tie

Care Instructions

Keep away from flammables and do not burn unattended.

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Sacral Chakra

The water element, that should always go with the flow and not become stagnant. The pleasure and creative force that gives you passion and energy. Life can become very dull and boring if this chakra is low on energy and if its too high can become destructive and energy draining.

Colour: Orange