Collection: Body Butter

Handmade whipped luxurious melt-on-the-skin body butter and skin-loving lotion. Made with Unrefined butter and high-quality oils

The most effective way to use our butter is after a shower or bath while your skin is still moist (not dripping wet, towel dry first), take a small amount first melt, in between your palms first and then apply on your body. Do a little happy dance for 5 mins :) so the oils are completely absorbed into the skin and you now have happy moisturised skin for the entire day! No need to re-apply. Most enjoyed for dry skin beauties, oily skin peeps can perhaps go for the lighter lotion. 

The body butters are a seasonal collection and made only in the cooler months, so stock up while it's in!  If it is hot in your area, please refrain and wait until the temperature is cooler. These are 100% natural and can melt in transit.