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Ocean in a Drop

Stone of Evolution, African Turquiose

Stone of Evolution, African Turquiose

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This crystal; brings great transformation and change for the good. Actually not a turquoise crystal but a type of speckled jasper but because of its similarity to turquoise it was named as this. This is the crystal to wear if you want to further your self-development.

Because African Turquoise resonates within the third eye chakra it leads the bearer to greater wisdom, Awakening your spiritual journey.

African Turquoise is a stone that brings good luck, protection, and love to its owner. Some people believe that African Turquoise's powers help improve your outlook on life by bringing balance to mind, body, and spirit. It is believed that this stone promotes positive change, good health, and good fortune.

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Third Eye Chakra

Where dreams, visons and goals are born inbetween the eyes, this is where it all begins to manifest what you desire. is your blocked? or hyperactive? can you visualise what you want? or do you live in your dreams and overthink everything you and others do?getting lost in your mind is a common issue for most of us.

Colour: purple, indigo