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Ocean in a Drop

Nurture with Red Jasper

Nurture with Red Jasper

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Red Jasper is a deep red colour which powers the root chakra. This is particularly used for those who need healing for the physical body. It has nurturing energy, aligning you back to mother earth and good health. It's a slow burner but once it gets going it will provide strength and vitality.

Balances Yin and Yang and eases the feeling of anxiety and stress. Re-energises the body. A supportive stone for long term illnesses and blood related issues.

10mm bead size


10mm size beads

Care Instructions

crystal cards and care instructions included.

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Root Chakra

Fears and anxiety is a sign of a weak root chakra. Strengthen the foundation for improvement in health and fearlessness. A strong root chakra connects to Mother Earth making you unshakable and getting affected by situations in your environment

Colour: Red, Black