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Lapis Lazuli tumble
Lapis Lazuli tumble

Lapis Lazuli tumble

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Lapis Lazuli quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace. Works on the mind and throat chakra. Gives divine intuition to help guide you. Keep a tumble with you when you need a boost of confidence or id you need to speak about something, will help you communicate with clarity and ease. For those who need help in expressing themselves, you can use this crystal. Keep a tumble on each eye to cool them, or place on your forehead if you have a headache.

Also available in the Serene, High and focus collection

Please note crystal tumbles are polished from rough pieces so it will have inclusions and lines may appear on it. This does not mean it is cracked or broken and will work in the same way. You are buying something that naturally forms in the earth and not glass or a man-made product that appears more perfect to the eye. 

20g - (approx 3-4 pieces)