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Ocean in a Drop

Enlighten with Azurite

Enlighten with Azurite

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Azurite shows the path to enlightenment, a deeply spiritual stone that loves to be touched!

Powerful crystal to keep when meditating or performing shamanic journeys. Expands the mind, improves memory nad releses beleifs that no longer serve you. Move in to the unknown wihtout fears. Clears stress, worry and grief. Transmutes fears and phobias and brings a undesatnding of why it is there so it can be easily accepted. Calms nervousness.

Heals arthrits and joint issues, brain issues, thyroid. Great for mental healing.

Care Instructions

crystal cards and care instructions included.

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Third Eye Chakra

Where dreams, visons and goals are born inbetween the eyes, this is where it all begins to manifest what you desire. is your blocked? or hyperactive? can you visualise what you want? or do you live in your dreams and overthink everything you and others do?getting lost in your mind is a common issue for most of us.

Colour: purple, indigo