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Ocean in a Drop

Cool with Blue Smithsonite

Cool with Blue Smithsonite

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Smithsonite is believed to be a powerful healing stone. It is thought to be able to clear energetic blockages, restore balance and stimulate intuition. It is said to help with releasing fear, worry, and guilt, as well as boosting self-confidence. It is also said to be beneficial for creativity and problem-solving

Another great benefit is that reduces the cravings for alcohol or drugs, being very helpful for those who struggle with addictions. And any long-term illnesses. Smithsonite helps to relax an overactive mind, It is a natural stress reliever, brings comfort when you feel lonely. It cools anger and resentment of others

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Throat Chakra

The energy center of communication, confidence and self-worth - how well do you communicate? are you a confident person? do you value yourself? how you answer these questions suggests whether you have a blocked throat chakra or not. Unexpressed emotions block up this chakra