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Ocean in a Drop

Clarity and calm with Blue Hawks eye

Clarity and calm with Blue Hawks eye

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Also known as blue tiger's eye, this beauty with blue flash is a stunning crystal with some incredible benefits.

Excellent for those under stress and mental burdens. Also helps if you're feeling depressed or low. For those who get mentally exhausted easily and end up in confusion this crystal will be a little saviour. 

The calming presence of this crystal makes it a favourite. Resonates at the throat chakra and the third eye because of the deep indigo colour. This means that it helps to generate ideas and assists in manifesting them. As the name suggests this crystal helps you to see the reality of life and situations crystal clear like a hawks eye. 

Similar to Tiger's eye this stone gives will-power, confidence and courage.

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Third Eye Chakra

Where dreams, visons and goals are born inbetween the eyes, this is where it all begins to manifest what you desire. is your blocked? or hyperactive? can you visualise what you want? or do you live in your dreams and overthink everything you and others do?getting lost in your mind is a common issue for most of us.

Colour: purple, indigo