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Ocean in a Drop

7 chakra bracelet

7 chakra bracelet

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Handmade & 7 chakra bracelets with carefully selected crystals for each chakra.

Balance all the chakras with this bracelet, ideal when you don't know which crystal to wear. Looks aesthetically pleasing and keep your energy in tune.

We have two varieties

Option 1
Red jasper
lapis lazuli
rainbow moonstone

Option 2
Same as above except tourmaline instead of red jasper, and carnelian instead of moonstone.

Each bracelet has a mantra bead in agate. (colour of mantra bead varies)

Bead size 8mm

Care Instructions

crystal cards and care instructions included.

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Crown Chakra

Do you feel disconnected with others? a feeling of being lost and unsupported? No faith in the divine or yourself. This can be becasue of a blocked Crown chakra, an open one will help you to sureender to a higher power and feel connected with everyone around you.