Why do we give gifts?

Why do we give gifts?

Why do we give gifts on special occasions and festivals?

For many of us, the whole idea of presents takes us back to our early childhood. Whether it was a birthday or a special occasion, our minds associate gifts with delightful memories and happiness. The anticipation before receiving your present, the suspense, guessing what it is, the joy of unwrapping, tearing off colourful pieces of paper all add to the joy of the gift itself. For some, giving is an act of love. Just as we enjoy receiving, we also like others to experience the same heart warming feeling of receiving.

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In most cultures it is customary to give gifts even on small occasions e.g. taking a bottle of wine to a dinner party. From a perspective of oneness, we are all the same life force energy experiencing life through different bodies. Seeing others as our own self helps to attain satisfaction in seeing others’ happiness.

During this time of year, many offices organise a ‘secret Santa’ where you pick colleagues’ names at random and give gifts anonymously. This activity focuses the experience on the giving itself. Quite often you end up with someone who you don’t know so well, yet you still take the time to consider what your recipient would want.

When we give with pure intention, not only are we expressing an act of love, or kindness but we are creating a flow of energy. When we give, we send a signal to our mind that we have. Because of course, we can only give when we have. Being stingy, you are telling yourself you don’t have enough, regardless of your bank balance.

One of the old words for wealthy is affluent. The archaic meaning of this word is ‘freely flowing.’ It seems our ancestors knew the connection between giving and wealth creation. Wealth is created not just by accumulation but by a free flow – you need to keep it moving. I like to think of it as a tap. When it is turned off, the water from the inlet is fixed. Once you turn it on, not only does water flow out but more water is pulled in from the incoming source. The nature of gifts varies in size, shape and use. Sometimes they are purely for enjoyment, other times for more functional purposes. In recent times there has been a rise in health, wellness and beauty.

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Dipesh Parmar


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