What is Jamaican Castor oil

What is Jamaican Castor oil

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The new oil in the market for hair growth is Jamaican Black castor oil (JBCO). Why is it becoming so popular and how is it different from the original castor oil? 

To begin with, it treats dandruff, moisturises hair, promotes hair growth, treats acne, and even relieves muscle pain. These properties set it apart from other nourishing oils, like coconut or argan. These castor oil beans go through a roasting process which gives it that burnt smell and dark colour (our brand has Rosemary essential oil added which is also known to help with hair growth and itchy scalps.) The key is the ash content while roasting making the oil alkaline rather than acidic like the yellow castor oil. Both oils are made from the same castor beans but processed in different ways. The yellow castor oil is cold processed but sometimes chemically extracted.

The JBCO oil is rich in Omega 9 fatty acids which helps with strengthening the hair and with rapid hair growth. Treats Acne, chapped lips, heals scars, promotes thicker eyelashes/eyebrows, prevents hair breakage and dry hair.

See which oil suits your hair, both are known for its benefits for the skin and hair. 

As this is a thick oil you can mix it with your favourite oil and apply to hair or apply small amounts directly to the scalp overnight or an hour before washing. 

Now available from Ocean in a drop. The origin of the castor beans is from Africa and through the slave trade made its way to Jamaica. We have been lucky enough to source ours from Africa where it's made in the purest and traditional form. 


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Castor oils are used for many purposes like castor oils give you benefits in hair growth castor oil help you in sin care castor oil helps you in healthcare etc… You must have a question, what castor oils are good for? If you want to read in more detail and wanna buy these products you can visit the link given above.

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