Turmeric - the king of roots

Turmeric - the king of roots

turmeric - the super detox spice

For hundreds, maybe thousands of years this powerful root has been used for everything from cooking to medicinal use. As a spice it is used for flavouring, and colouring. You can use it to heal cuts and wounds, and even apply it on your skin for its numerous health benefits. Ask virtually any married Hindu what they dread the most and usually the answer will be getting covered in the ‘yellow stuff!’ It is tradition to cover the bride and groom in turmeric from head to toe just before the wedding day. The yellow stuff was prized for its ability to rejuvenate and brighten the skin – perfect for shining with a glow on your big fat Indian wedding!

It seems the people in India knew from years ago of the numerous properties of this wonderful deep yellow ingredient. It has been written about in ancient Sanskrit literature and used in holistic practises such as Ayurveda since over 4,000 years ago

Science has only recently discovered that turmeric contains the active ingredient – curcumin. This is what makes turmeric a great antioxidant, antiseptic and antimicrobial ingredient.


turmeric as medicine


Consume it!

You can heal a wide range of ailments from within and out. Mix a little turmeric with hot water, honey and lemon for a cough or sore throat. The cough will quickly dissolve, viruses/ bacteria are cleared and it is soothing for the throat. This mixture can also be had first thing in the morning as a preventative detox. Its antioxidant properties enable it to tackle harmful free radicals in the body. Many illnesses are caused by some form of inflammation e.g. arthritis and allergies. Consuming turmeric can help to reduce any swelling inside or outside the body.

Further, it can help protect the liver, reduces cholesterol and can heal gastric ulcers.

As people have begun flocking to take advantage of this ancient yellow root, it has been discovered that it is great for dental hygiene. As an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory it can be used a mouthwash to reduce pain and swelling of the gums and keeps the teeth clean.


turmeric for skincare

Apply it on your body!

With its antiseptic power it is often used to treat cuts and wounds. It also reduces inflammationand oxidation for faster healing. This was ideal as we didn’t exactly have antiseptic ointments in the remote villages.

Here are some examples of the countless benefits for the skin:

 1.     Restores skin’s natural and healthy glow – mixed with a little milk and/ or honey, turmeric can be applied on the skin. Stayed out in the sun too long? This mixture can reduce the tanning.

2.     Soothing – stayed out in the sun way too long? Burned yourself on the iron or stove? Use turmeric as a balm to soothe the redness and burning.

3.     Eczema/ Psoriasis – these skin conditions are becoming increasingly common. The yellow root can ease the inflammation and redness.

4.     For the face – use as an exfoliator and anti-acne remedy.

5.     Protection – shield your skin against harmful UV rays.

6.     Rejuvenate – the anti-oxidants in turmeric prevents premature ageing and restores the youthful appearance of the skin.

Take it easy!

If you don’t want to get messy applying the raw powder all over yourself, you can take advantage of the benefits with some ready to use products from Ocean in a Drop!


Citrine - natural, cold processed soap consisting of nourishing and healing ghee, turmeric and mango. Citrine crystal tumble included to imbibe the soap with the energy of joy, abundance and empowerment.

Tiger’s Eye - a luxurious body butter consisting of mango butter, turmeric and exotic Oudh. A tiger’s eye crystal tumble is included in the tin for continued energising of the butter.

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