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Body butter or Lotion?





Recently there has been a surge in interest for all kinds of body butter. Who would have thought we would be applying 'butter' on our bodies? 

Let's first look at why we need these products in the first place. Dry skin. 

The skin is usually pretty good at keeping itself lubricated and protected with the body's natural oils. The key word there being 'oils.' Climate conditions, diet, dehydration can all be factors for upsetting the natural balance. Cold, windy weather can be particularly drying for the skin. This is why we tend to need more moisturising during the winter months.

So why the sudden rush for body butter?

Firstly, body butters are made with one or more oils. The human body keeps itself moist with oil so it only makes sense to follow suit doesn't it? The advantage of using oil based moisturisers is that most of the oils have added benefits such as skin brightening, healing and fighting infections. They can be nourishing as well as moisturising.

Lotions on the other hand are usually water based (typically up to 70% water!). The water content means the effects of most lotions don't last as long and you have to re-apply later in the day. Most lotions are also loaded with unnatural ingredients such as parabens, SLSs, etc... (don't forget a lot of what you put on your skin eventually finds its way into your body!) 


Body butters on the other hand do not contain water, can be made completely with only natural ingredients and don't necessarily need the unwanted parabens and SLSs. 

Note: many products are advertised with 'natural ingredients.' It is important to realise that just because natural ingredients are used, doesn't mean the product is completely natural and free of artificial preservatives. Always check the ingredients.

Lotion is like fast food. It's quick and easy but not always the healthiest option. It can be applied any time on the skin. 

Body butter being oil based and therefore thicker, requires a slightly different method. The best time is after a shower or bath when your skin is towel dry (not too dry). The skin will be softer, warmer and the pores will be opened up - perfect conditions for absorbing some nourishing butter! Apply a small amount first and take more if required. You can be more generous with especially dry areas such as hands, elbows and knees. This method will ensure the butter literally melts on your skin, absorbs thoroughly and forming a protective barrier against the elements that lasts all day without sitting on the skin like a Texas oil spill.

While body butter is excellent for the body, we don't recommend it for the face. Facial skin is thinner and more sensitive making it prone to clogging.

We recommend using Argan oil for the face. Check out our very own 100% Moroccan Argan Oil (slightly scented with exotic natural fragrance).

Natural or not natural, always test a bit of any product on a small area of your skin to see if it's compatible and not allergic. Also, choose carefully according to your skin type. If your skin is on the drier side then body butter will definitely work better for you. Sensitive skin can benefit from the numerous healing benefits of the oils. For those with more oily skin, you may need to use only a very small amount and perhaps include a good quality soap which gently cleanses and nourishes your skin.

When you do decide to dive into the world of body butter, have a look at our range of rich, luxurious products. The advantage with Ocean in a Drop butters is they are 100% natural and handmade with carefully selected ingredients to create a feast for your skin! Energised with healing crystals for added benefits for the body as well as the mind.

For example, our Amethyst Body Butter contains an amethyst crystal tumble. This legendary violet hued stone is known to create a protective shield against negative energy and can help in overcoming addictions. It benefits the body by increasing the circulation and oxygenation of the blood while preventing inflammation. 

We have always been fond of nature, especially the ocean. So that's why we are always looking for ways to minimise the use of plastic and striving for sustainable packaging to create zero waste products. Currently, all of our body butters and soaps are free from plastic packaging. Just look at how happy those dolphins are now!

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