Third eye chakra box
Third eye chakra box

Third eye chakra box

t’s that time of month again.. 🔮 February box 📦 and we have reached our 6th chakra, the third eye 👁 chakra. The theme of this box is amethyst and lavender! This box will be for those who need calming of the mind, to ease stress and anxiety. I feel this is much needed for those in the city where we are constantly bombarded with noise, people and too much information. Once you are able to open this chakra you will be able to visualize your goals and manifest them.

What's Included:
Amethyst body butter sampler
Lavender soy wax candle
Amethyst full-size soap with crystal tumble inside
Amethyst crystal bracelet
Amethyst heart pendant
Face mask - rose, oats, pink kaolin clay and lavender buds
Crystal lavender energised roller
Master card with 21-day meditation and affirmations
How to use the crystals, and a worksheet about the chakra