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The Luna Collection

The Luna Collection

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The eighth collection, the Luna collection. Why Luna? This is a specially curated set of tumbles that will work for ladies who struggle with any menstrual issues such as heavy flow, lack of flow, PMS, mood swings, and cramps. To be honest my moonstone alone saves me every month, somehow keeps me calm. But I have added the more crystals to cover all the issues. Whatever your issue this power packed kit will sort it out. 

Kit contains: 


Rainbow moonstone 



Affirmations, crystal cards and care. 

Moonstone will calm, nurture and bring your emotions into balance. Carnelian is excellent for controlling blood flow whether it’s more or less, labradorite removes tension and balanced the hormones in the brain. It is connected with third eye and sacral chakra, that’s why you tend to get headaches during that time.