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Ocean in a Drop

The Gaia Collection

The Gaia Collection

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A powerful combination of crystals for anyone who feels spaced out or a bit scattered. Even if your feeling stressed the earthy energies will calm you down. If you do a lot of work with your mind these can help balance out the energies by activating the root chakra. I usually get a bit ungrounded after going out, as you meet a lot different people with different energies, after coming home just sleeping with these crystals or meditating brings back your inner peace. 



Tourmaline- the ninja of crystals, will protect you from negative energy

Hematite - connects to the core of the earth, powerful at grounding

Tree Agate - calming stone that connects with the earth energies

Red Jasper the deep red stone that nurtures and protects for physical wellbeing

Care Instructions

Pack includes affirmation and crystal cards and care instructions.

Keep the crystals in your pocket, purse or on your desk. Hold them while you meditate or lie down and place them on the corresponding chakra while visualising the colour of the chakra.

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Root Chakra

Fears and anxiety is a sign of a weak root chakra. Strengthen the foundation for improvement in health and fearlessness. A strong root chakra connects to Mother Earth making you unshakable and getting affected by situations in your environment

Colour: Red, Black