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Ocean in a Drop

The Darkness Collection

The Darkness Collection

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Carefully chosen crystals for those who feel they are getting affected by a lot of negativity which could be their own or by others. This will keep you protected and grounded, and will absorb negativity like a sponge. 



Tourmaline - the ninja of crystals, will protect you from negative energy

Obsidian - Acts like a shield protecting the aura from darkness. Also acts like a mirror and reveals what you need to heal.

Smoky Quartz Filters out anything that doesn't belong in the aura. Powerful grounding.

Care Instructions

Pack includes affirmation and crystal cards and care instructions.

Keep the crystals in your pocket, purse or on your desk. Hold them while you meditate or lie down and place them on the corresponding chakra while visualising the colour of the chakra.

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Root Chakra

Fears and anxiety is a sign of a weak root chakra. Strengthen the foundation for improvement in health and fearlessness. A strong root chakra connects to Mother Earth making you unshakable and getting affected by situations in your environment

Colour: Red, Black