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Ocean in a Drop

The crystal of Calm - Blue Lace Agate

The crystal of Calm - Blue Lace Agate

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This is the most serene crystal to look at and the energy it resonates with. Use this if you easily feel anxious, your mind doesn't stop overthinking or if you are feeling stressed out. For those who get angry or irritated frequently, this will keep you calm and composed. The coolness of this crystal fills our aura with peace and tranquillity. Soothing and nurturing crystal.

If you have issues with speaking in a polite and friendly manner this will help you to come across as more charming choosing your words wisely and thinking before you speak. This crystal resonates at the throat chakra so will help in expressive communication and clarity. Cools the body from fever and inflammation, sore eyes and irritations on the body. 

6mm beads, this size is suitable for stacking

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crystal cards and care instructions included.

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Throat Chakra

The energy center of communication, confidence and self-worth - how well do you communicate? are you a confident person? do you value yourself? how you answer these questions suggests whether you have a blocked throat chakra or not. Unexpressed emotions block up this chakra