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Ocean in a Drop

Selenite rough bars

Selenite rough bars

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Selenite the crystal 

Selenite bar to keep on your office table or bed side table.

Selenite has a high vibrational divine light that permeates the crown chakra. This pure light crystal has the ability to tune into higher frequencies and energies. A must-have for light workers during meditation to experience higher states. I recommend keeping one with you when working around a lot of people to shield unwanted energies. Keep it on your desk as a paperweight between you and the person or people you wish to stay protected from and it will create a wall of light. 

Care Instructions

crystal cards and care instructions included.

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Crown Chakra

Do you feel disconnected with others? a feeling of being lost and unsupported? No faith in the divine or yourself. This can be becasue of a blocked Crown chakra, an open one will help you to sureender to a higher power and feel connected with everyone around you.