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Rooted Ayurvedic hair oil
Rooted Ayurvedic hair oil
Rooted Ayurvedic hair oil

Rooted Ayurvedic hair oil

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Rooted hair oil, formulated with an Ayurveda Doctor, and made in the traditional way of only using fresh roots and herbs, and no powders. Customised essential oil for the dosha type for the mind. 

Different oils have different properties and while some are suitable to some, it can aggravate another. Thick oils can also be difficult to wash out, meaning using more shampoo which kind of defeats the purpose. Milder shampoos don’t really remove the oil effectively. Thick and warming oils can be nightmare for Pitta types, hemp oil may not be beneficial for Kapha types as it induces sleep, so those that are low on energy will not benefit them, while Vata may not enjoy washing thick oils out of their already weak hair. 

The Rooted Ayurvedic hair oil is made with coconut oil, this oil is not only light but suitable for all dosha’s. With the power of these potent herbs and roots 

key ingredients:

Triphala - the active compound s repairs damaged hair and increases volume, antibacterial and anti fungal 

Nutgrass - antibacterial, and anti fungal, regulates sebum and reduces itching

Neem - nature’s best antibacterial leaves, reduces dandruff and premature greying 

Hibiscus 🌺 rich in vitamin C, when this is low it causes hair loss. Strengthens the roots 

Mehendi - cooling and soothes the scalp, removes dandruff and itchiness 

This is a customised hair oil according to your dosha for mind.. not physical body. We customise the essential oils to suit your type. 

How to choose? See which one you resonate with. 

Vata - lavender essential oil, to help calm your busy mind, reduce stress anxiety and stress. Induces better sleep and relaxed the mind 

Pitta- sandlewood to cool the head, reduces high blood pressure and anger or irritation. Calms the mind and gives inner peace. 

Kapha - cinnamon and nutmeg, to invigorate and warmth. To avoid the feeling of dullness and lethargy in the mind. Stimulates the nerves in the brain, helps with those who are feeling depressed and fatigue. 


Ingredients coco Nucifera (coconut oil),Triphala, Madayantika (Henna), Sariva, Neem, (Nutgrass) Cyperus Rotundus Root Extract, (Curry leaf) Murraya koenigii, Raktachandana, jaatipatra (jasmine leaf), Hibiscus leaf and flowers, Ginger powder, Kachhora (Angelica glauca), Neeli (Indigo plant powder), Brahmi (Centella asiatica)

 Prepared traditionally in a iron vessel.