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Rhodonite - Rose, Pink clay, Charcoal & Shea
Rhodonite - Rose, Pink clay, Charcoal & Shea
Rhodonite - Rose, Pink clay, Charcoal & Shea
Rhodonite - Rose, Pink clay, Charcoal & Shea

Rhodonite - Rose, Pink clay, Charcoal & Shea

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Rhodonite the stone for heartbreaks

Rose powder, french pink clay, charcoal and shea butter makes this a very decadent bar of soap, embedded with a rhodonite crystal to heal the heart chakra. 

Crystal power
Embedded in the soap is a Rhodonite crystal that is known for emotional healing and removing blocked energy from within the heart chakra. ... These stones are excellent for balancing emotions, and during traumatic times this stone can be used to calm you.

Key ingredients:
Rose powder is cooling and soothing and is known to heal emotions. Use this for sunburnt and inflamed skin, it has plenty of vitamin C, which stimulates collagen production making your skin cells stronger.

French Pink Clay can be used to cleanse the skin, slough off dead skin cells and create an overall refreshed appearance. It can be used on oily or acne-prone skin. Activated charcoal has the benefits of giving the skin a deeper cleanse. Get rid of the darkness from your heart and let it expand with the energy of the rhodonite crystal embedded inside and the scent of rose.

Shea butter with the combination of Mahua butter makes this an indulgent, moisturising soap

All our soaps are made with high-quality edible oils and body butters using the cold-pressed method. Our soaps are palm oil free to help protect the habitat of Orangutans. Free from synthetic colour, plastic-free and Ocean friendly.


You will receive a crystal card with the crystal description, care and how to energise with an affirmation that resonates with the energy of the crystal. 

Packed in an eco-friendly bamboo basket. Keep dry by placing it on a soap tray while using it to make it last longer.

Ingredients: Saponified olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, castor oil, shea butter, mowrah butter, french pink clay, rose petal powder, activated charcoal, rose fragrance.