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Ocean in a Drop

Peruvian Rhodonite

Peruvian Rhodonite

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The Heartbreak crystal

Rhodonite is the go-to crystal when going through a Heartbreak. It helps reduce the feeling of anger, revengeful thoughts and resentment. Helps to get over toxic relationships and emotional or physical abuse. Use this crystal if you feel you are in a codependent relationship of self-destruction. A heart chakra healer for someone who has been through a lot. Promotes forgiveness and peace in relationships. 

Also known as the first-aid stone for anyone experiencing shock and panic. 


Please note these are natural crystals and may come with imperfections but this does not lessen the strength of the crystal. Man made crystals will be perfect, or crystals that undergo several polishes. Tumbles do not dent or get scratched in transit but it is naturally that way.

Care Instructions

crystal cards and care instructions included.

Keep the crystal in your pocket, purse or on your desk. Hold them while you meditate or lie down and place them on the corresponding chakra while visualising the colour of the chakra.

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Heart Chakra

Heart is the main energy point where the higher and lower chakras meet, An important chakra to have open. A blocked heart makes the person 'cold' and closed off and an overactive chakra can make a person give too much love without recieving it back.