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Ocean in a Drop

Lapis Lazuli Aqua Soy Wax Tablet/ Melts

Lapis Lazuli Aqua Soy Wax Tablet/ Melts

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100% soy wax fragrance tablet or melts.

Clear your senses and get clarity with fresh aqua fragrance. 

Crystals added are Lapis tumble and chips, clear quartz chips and Apatite chips



100% Soy wax, Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils



Care Instructions

Hang in the car or wardrobe, or melt in an oil burner to release the scent and crystals

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Crystal Power

Lapis Lazuli tumble, chips, clear quartz chips, apatite chips. Get clarity and communicate with confidence. Get clear intuition and remove confusion in the mind.