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Mercury Retrograde Collection
Mercury Retrograde Collection

Mercury Retrograde Collection

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Survive the Mercury Retrograde by keeping these crystal on you at the time of the Retrogade. Especially when travelling, communicating, making plans, decisions or using technology. This is a time when your mind can get foggy, unclear, travel plans get jeopardised, misunderstandings, and technology like computers, phones start playing up. 

A specially curated crystal set to help lessen the effects. 

Amazonite, helps you to see the truth in a situation, and both sides of an issue. 

Fluorite, helps your mind to stay focused and clear, keeps things organised in your life

Hematite, has the ability to keep your bearings, stay grounded. Has a magnetic pull with the earths energy. 

Clear Quartz fit mental clarity and sharpness, enhances the power of the other crystals

Blue Lace Agate, keeps communication sweet and clear, protects during travel. Keeps you calm. 

Lapis Lazuli also helps with communication and aids in travel, connects with intuition without feeling foggy. 

Instructions and affirmations will be provided.