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Ocean in a Drop

The Crystal of Peace - Howlite

The Crystal of Peace - Howlite

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This crystal is a cool and calming stone just like the moon. Controls rage and stress, keeps the mind calm and focused. This stone helps with weak bones like osteoporosis or arthritis, or any teeth issues. Balances your calcium levels. Helps strengthen memory and aids sleep. Reduces pain in the body like cramps. Resonates with the Native Indian Goddess White buffalo calm woman.

Just looking at the crystal gives a feeling of peaceful energy.

6mm beads, this size is suitable for stacking

Care Instructions

crystal cards and care instructions included.

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Crown Chakra

Do you feel disconnected with others? a feeling of being lost and unsupported? No faith in the divine or yourself. This can be becasue of a blocked Crown chakra, an open one will help you to sureender to a higher power and feel connected with everyone around you.