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Focus collection

Focus collection

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The last collection in or crystal kits.. the Focus collection. When would you use this? Well if you are student or in the process of learning something or taking important exams. Or if you are feeling your concentration is less and you need your energy focused on a project. Fluorite acts as a learning aid which helps you to absorb information. Organises data to help you understand better. Blue lace agate gives you focus power and concentration. Amethyst keeps the mind calm and clutter free, and lapis lazuli helps you to get divine intuition . This collection contains, 


Blue lace agate 


Lapis lazuli 

Affirmation, crystal cards and care. 


olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, kokum butter, mango butter, red clay, red wine, sandalwood fragrance, sweet myrrh essential oil, mica.


130g - 140g
Packed in an eco-friendly bamboo basket

Care Instructions

You will receive a crystal card with the crystal description, care and how to energise with an affirmation that resonates with the energy of the crystal. 

Packed in an eco-friendly bamboo basket. Keep dry by placing it on a soap tray while using it to make it last longer.

Keep out of direct sunlight and use within 4 months of purchasing to avoid fragrance loss.

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Free from Palm oil

We refuse to use palm oil in our soaps as it destroys the homes of Orangutan's. We only use high grade oils and butters that are safe for our furry friends. Does your cold process soap have palm oil?