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Ocean in a Drop

Fir Needle + Cedarwood Soy wax tablet / Melts

Fir Needle + Cedarwood Soy wax tablet / Melts

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100% soy wax fragrance tablet or melts.

Earthy Fir needle and Cedarwood essential oils with crystals for prosperity, connect with Mother Earth and attract abundance - 

Crystals added: Green Aventurine, Peridot, Malachite, citrine and a Tree agate tumble



100% Soy wax, Fir needle essential oil, Cedar wood essential oil



Care Instructions

Hang in the car or wardrobe, or melt in an oil burner to release the scent and crystals

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Crystal Power

Malachite, Citrine, Tree agate tumble, Peridot and Green Aventurine connects to the earth attracting abundance and growth.