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The Crystal of Emotional Balance - Moonstone

The Crystal of Emotional Balance - Moonstone

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Moonstone is the crystal like the moon keeps you calm and serene. Infused with full moon šŸŒ• energy to enhance its properties. Anyone feeling emotionally all over the place will feel back to normal with this crystal. Resonates on the Sacral chakra and helps with PMS, fluid retention, and menstrual or ovarian issues. Carries the sacred feminine energy within. Balanced your yin.Ā 




6mm bead size
This size is suitable for stacking with other bracelets

Care Instructions

crystal cards and care instructions included.

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Sacral Chakra

The water element, that should always go with the flow and not become stagnant. The pleasure and creative force that gives you passion and energy. Life can become very dull and boring if this chakra is low on energy and if its too high can become destructive and energy draining.

Colour: Orange