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Ocean in a Drop

Crystal of Growth, Moss agate

Crystal of Growth, Moss agate

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The crystal of growth and abundance. A must-have for anyone starting something new

Moss agate the stone of new beginnings. With a deep connection to mother earth (you can literally see it in the crystal), it attracts abundance and growth. A good crystal to keep with you if you feel stagnated or stuck. Also a stone for mothers who are giving birth, to encourage a smooth experience for both baby and mother. Refreshes the soul and enables you to see the beauty in all you behold. Moss Agate reduces sensitivity to weather and environmental pollutants. 

Improves self-esteem and helps you to get along with others. Balances the emotions, releasing fear and stress.  Encourages trust and hope.  It eliminates depression caused by brain imbalances.

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Heart Chakra

Heart is the main energy point where the higher and lower chakras meet, An important chakra to have open. A blocked heart makes the person 'cold' and closed off and an overactive chakra can make a person give too much love without recieving it back.