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Ocean in a Drop

Carnelian tumbles

Carnelian tumbles

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The stone of buzzing energy.. no two pieces are alike. If you feel lethargic or lack motivation then this is the stone you need.

Carnelian is so full of energy it energises other crystals that are placed with it. Carnelian activates the sacral chakra, your passion will start flowing again and creativity.

Full of optimism helps one to achieve their goals. Protects from jealousy and envy from yourself and others. Overcome abuse of any kind. Use for blood-related health issues. In a relationship, it helps to boost libido and passion. 

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Please note these are natural crystals and may come with imperfections but this does not lessen the strength of the crystal. Man made crystals will be perfect, or crystals that undergo several polishes. Tumbles do not dent or get scratched in transit but it is naturally that way.

Care Instructions

crystal cards and care instructions included.

Keep the crystal in your pocket, purse or on your desk. Hold them while you meditate or lie down and place them on the corresponding chakra while visualising the colour of the chakra.

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Sacral Chakra

The water element, that should always go with the flow and not become stagnant. The pleasure and creative force that gives you passion and energy. Life can become very dull and boring if this chakra is low on energy and if its too high can become destructive and energy draining.

Colour: Orange