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Ocean in a Drop

The Calm stack

The Calm stack

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Collection of crystal bracelets to help you to keep calm. 

Wear if you are feeling:

  • Irritated with situations and people
  • getting angry easily
  • anxious
  • overthinker
  • not able to sleep

Aquamarine - helps you to go with the flow reducing the need to control and over analyse everything

Howlite - stops irritation and anger

Blue lace agate -calms anxiety and nerves, and gives peace of mind.

6mm bead size for easy stacking

crystal value 2,050

Care Instructions

crystal cards and care instructions included.

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Throat Chakra

The energy center of communication, confidence and self-worth - how well do you communicate? are you a confident person? do you value yourself? how you answer these questions suggests whether you have a blocked throat chakra or not. Unexpressed emotions block up this chakra