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Calendula & Lavender Sensitive / Baby powder

Calendula & Lavender Sensitive / Baby powder

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Healing Calendula with Calming Lavender natural powder for your baby or anyone with sensitive skin. In a keep-sake mango wood jar with a cotton puff for happy skin.

Body dusting powder made using an Ayurveda formulation in a beautiful vintage mango wood container with a mini puff to apply the powder. Safe to use for you and your baby. This is a naturally Calming and healing formulation with the use of  Lavender essential oil and Calendula essential oil. Soothes the mind and calms any itchiness. A must-have for your little one during the humid Monsoon season and the hot summer months without worrying about chemicals. 

50g powder

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Key Ingredients

Lavender  Not only used for calming your baby but also acts as a bug repellant, anti-inflammatory, and soothes dry skin and eczema.  

Calendula Essential oil: This healing oil is soothing for skin rashes and itchiness, relieves eczema, is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and is anti-septic.


Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Calendula Officinalis FlowerExtractLavendula augustifolia essential oil



Packed in an eco-friendly mango wood container with a magnetic lid and a powder puff

Care Instructions

Use on dry skin after a bath. Made with natural ingredients, No talc added. Apply powder to the area on the body where you may sweat more to keep dry. Do not apply to the face. Keep away from direct sunlight and close the lid once you finish using it.

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Sensitive skin

Suitable for babies and those with sensitive skin, with skin soothing calendula and lavender to keep skin baby soft and dry.