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Action Collection

Action Collection

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The Action Collection, for those who procrastinate, haven’t got the motivation to take action to complete your goals or even small everyday tasks. Sometimes there is something you desire or wish to do but you don’t have the courage and are not taking the small steps towards it. Citrine fills you with sun energy and positivity dissolving any doubts, carnelian is full or energy and motivation, pyrite has a masculine energy that makes you fulfil your goals and tigers eye gives you the courage and clarity with clear decision making. 



Citrine - Highly positive crystal that can manifest your desires

Pyrite - known as fool's gold this crystal motivates you to complete your goal

Tiger's eye - gives motivation and courage, clarity and better decison making

Carnelian - gives a boost of energy and postivity

Care Instructions

Pack includes affirmation and crystal cards and care instructions.

Keep the crystals in your pocket, purse or on your desk. Hold them while you meditate or lie down and place them on the corresponding chakra while visualising the colour of the chakra.

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Solar Plexus Chakra

The seat of fire, when operating at its peak gives you motivation and optimism. Manifests your goals and keeps you focused. Having control issues (controlling someone or being controlled) can mean its out of balance

Colour: Yellow