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Ocean in a Drop

7 chakra faceted skinny

7 chakra faceted skinny

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7 chakra Faceted beads to balance all the chakra's with specially selected crystals that I have worked with individually now comes together to create a powerful combination. 

Root chakra - Red Garnet for passion and lust for life 
Sacral Chakra - Carnelian to energise and invigorate
Solar chakra - yellow calcite to manifest and take action
Heart chakra - Peridot brings to reality whatever is closest tour heart
Throat chakra - Apatite Confidence, focus and knowledge to complete goals
Third Eye chakra - Amethyst to ease overthinking and enhance intuition
Crown - Rainbow moonstone to expand the aura and infuse joy  

Limited edition

3mm beads in metal open clasp. Suitable for stacking. 

Wipe the metal parts if it gets wet for longer lasting shine. 

Care Instructions

crystal cards and care instructions included.

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Crown Chakra

Do you feel disconnected with others? a feeling of being lost and unsupported? No faith in the divine or yourself. This can be becasue of a blocked Crown chakra, an open one will help you to sureender to a higher power and feel connected with everyone around you.