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Ocean in a Drop

2.8kg Exclusive Raw Chrysocholla

2.8kg Exclusive Raw Chrysocholla

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An exclusive large raw piece of Chrysocholla, the crystal of harmonious relationships. This crystal resonates at the throat and heart chakra. The beautiful green-blue colour of chrysocolla makes it one of the most attractive crystals. Like the energy of the stone, it attracts peaceful and serene situations, keeping you tranquil.

Helps you to communicate with love and charm, especially needed when around loved ones. Helps to express what's in your heart with ease. A great stone for those who have trouble communicating in personal relationships. Stabilises relationships that have become 'rocky'. Gives inner strength, and helps one to speak the truth.

Limited edition

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crystal cards and care instructions included.

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Throat Chakra

The energy center of communication, confidence and self-worth - how well do you communicate? are you a confident person? do you value yourself? how you answer these questions suggests whether you have a blocked throat chakra or not. Unexpressed emotions block up this chakra