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Diwali and Ayurveda

Hey! Season’s greetings to everyone out there. I’m pretty sure everyone must be gorging on sweets, bursting crackers and so on and so forth. One wonders how many people stop to think about why certain rituals are followed or certain dishes are prepared or even what is the purpose behind the festivals themselves. Usually, the reasons are- It’s always been done, it’s fun so we do it, it’s tradition, to please the Gods, someone else (role model/family member) does it so we do it too, it looks cool on television, and so ad infinitum. It’s amazing how we’ve ceased to think at all! As an ardent devotee of Ayurveda, I looked up some rituals and dug up some health facts...

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One of the most common complaints that most people have in these days is hair fall. We have all tried the gallons of oil, the shampoos, hair gels and hair spas. Somehow, we are still stuck there. Why? Hair fall is associated with the two Ds – Dandruff and deficiency. What causes these? Our diet, lifestyle and selecting wrong skin and hair care. Needless to say, our lifestyle and diet are extremely unhealthy. Those who are health conscious fall prey to wrong advertisements and unscientific fads. All of this increases Vata dosha in the body which in turn weakens the body, starting with skin and hair. While we will discuss the appropriate diet and lifestyle in future segments along with...

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Why do we give gifts?

Why do we give gifts on special occasions and festivals? For many of us, the whole idea of presents takes us back to our early childhood. Whether it was a birthday or a special occasion, our minds associate gifts with delightful memories and happiness. The anticipation before receiving your present, the suspense, guessing what it is, the joy of unwrapping, tearing off colourful pieces of paper all add to the joy of the gift itself. For some, giving is an act of love. Just as we enjoy receiving, we also like others to experience the same heart warming feeling of receiving. In most cultures it is customary to give gifts even on small occasions e.g. taking a bottle of wine...

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Turmeric - the king of roots

For hundreds, maybe thousands of years this powerful root has been used for everything from cooking to medicinal use. As a spice it is used for flavouring, and colouring. You can use it to heal cuts and wounds, and even apply it on your skin for its numerous health benefits.

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