What's so good about activated charcoal?

What's so good about activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal is one of the hottest items to enter the healthcare market in recent times. Essentially it is coal – often made from wood, coconut shells or peat – which is then treated through heat and thereby creating internal pores.

These pores are what give activated charcoal its supreme ability to draw out and trap toxins and chemicals. Also, the pores have a negative charge that magnetically attracts toxins which are positively charged to stick to it.

Medicinally this has been used orally for the treatment of poisoning and overdoses. Other uses include water filters and toothpaste.

We are concerned with its use in soap and creams. The powerful trapping effect with its porous structure makes activated charcoal a supreme product in cleansing and exfoliating (one of the best to remove blackheads). Now found in products such as bath soap, face wash, face masks and even makeup remover.

Ocean in a Drop has created a natural, handmade soap using activated charcoal as its base with added frankincense and black obsidian energy. 

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